''I took dozens of pills, and laid back on the bed waiting for some peace; for life to finally shut up and leave me alone; for the sorrow and agony and constant struggle to live, to end. I was soon asleep and out of it.'' The Choice

How many times can one person pick themselves up and be put back down? How do they face the awful prospect of living over dying? How do they control the hate overwhelming their soul? The Choice brings you to the point of despair; it brings you to the point where you must decide ‘which do I serve, heaven or hell?’ For Andy though, who'd sold his soul to the devil, it seemed beyond his call whom he served. He was destined to destruction! Andy Robinson faced addiction, pain, suicide, separation from his son, divorce, life on the streets, success, failure, abuse… the list goes on.

But, Andy was not the product of a broken home, or found in a corner with addicts as parents or given nothing in life. By contrast, he was from a ‘normal’ home with Christian parents and a family who loved him and wanted so much for him. He had a future, plans and dreams, and yet it all went very, very wrong. But life was far from over despite his best attempts to die; really it was just beginning - and what a beginning. Andy found himself face to face with God and in the middle of a battle between heaven and hell that depended on him making the most important choice of his life!